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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was enforceable on 25 May 2018, has changed all the laws of protection and has come up with new rights to provide the individuals about how the organizations are processing their personal data in a clear and transparent way. We have published our updated data privacy policy to explain you from pin-to-plane about how we collect, store and use your personal data and take account of the new requirements of GDPR. When we refer to “we”, “us” or “our” in this notice we mean Infotree solutions

How we collect your personal data

Your personal information will be collected in the following means:
When you provide your contact details during request of information about our products and services, through telephone or our online enquiry forms or face-to-face.
When you sign up to our email newsletter by using our online forms.
When you apply for any open job position with Infotree solutions via our online forms or by direct email.
When you become a supplier of our services, when you visit our website and allow cookies.
Via open available public sources like linked In.

The types of personal data we collect
We generally collect personal information from an individual which includes: job title, phone number, Company name. We do not collect any special category of information from any individual as per the rules defined by GDPR. We never tried to aim our products and services at children.
You may be contacted by following means
We may contact you by including our email and via telephone, to explain you about our products and services. In future, in case if you are not satisfied with our communication you can refuse to any our marketing communication from us at any time, by just mailing us to

To obtain a copy of your personal information we hold
If you wish to obtain a copy of the personal data that we hold about you, you can absolutely get one by emailing us at As soon as we are satisfied to your identity, within a period of 40 days, you will receive a copy of your personal data that we have collected concerning you. When you visit our website, our advanced tracking technologies will record your information automatically. But this information will not be helpful to capture your personal information. Therefore, we only collect this following information when you visit our website:
The IP address and the domain of the internet which you use to access our website.

The type of the operating system and the type of browser you use on our website.

The time and date of the day when you access our website.
The pages you visit, enter and exit on our website
If you are linked to any website from another website, then the address of that website.

Hence, we use only this personal information to identify our click streams, the types of technologies our visitors use, to improve our website and to know about the number of visitors who visit our website.


Infotree solutions uses cookies of the website on your computer to store certain information like the data you browse on the site, how many times you visit the site and the pages you visit within the site. A cookie is often referred to a file saved on your system which stores information about the data you wish to search on the site and provide you the information relevant to the search you made on the site to provide the best user experience. But, if you are not satisfies with the cookie policy and wants to avoid it, you can turn off the cookies in your browser settings so that you’ll not receive information regarding the search. This may not in real bring a lot of variance in the performance of the site but all the data stored in the site will be disabled and may slightly affect the user experience. The method of managing cookie settings is varied according to the types and versions of browsers you use; either it is PC or Apple Macintosh, the settings methods are almost same as follows:

If you are a user of PC then the settings are as follows:

Tools>Options>Privacy>Cookie settings

If you are a user of Apple Macintosh then the settings are as follows:

Edit>Preferences> Receiving files> Cookies> Cookie settings


Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Cookies radio buttons.


Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookie settings.

Here, you can actually manage the cookies according to your possibility and wish, you can accept all the cookies, you can reject all the cookies, you can accept only certain types of cookies and you can also receive an alert or warning before accepting any cookie. Then again, if you wish to remove cookies from your computer at a later date you can absolutely clear them after visiting the site, such that this will not affect performance of your website or cookies in the question.


If you have any complaint regarding any breach in the privacy policy, you can contact us at Infotree solutions. We will reach out to you after 40 days after receiving the complaint; meanwhile, our backend team will review your complaint and ensure that we are in compliance of our policy and all our applicable laws and inform you the results of your complaint review at the earliest.


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