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Solution Offerings

Software Testing department of any Organization can now get relief from expensive, laborious, and time consuming software testing activities, as we are offering highly effective and affordable software testing solution called “ClicTest”.

Infotree has designed a unique platform called ClicExperts which provides On-demand IT Solutions, On-demand IT Experts, On-demand IT Training.

Infotree Solution Offerings

Infotree’s ClicReport is an On-demand BI solution which helps organizations for reporting and data analytics through which they can easily transform the way they make decisions anytime, and anywhere.

With the rapid increase in the launch of a wide range of software applications, the quality attributes such as functionality, performance, and security for the applications have become extremely important to compete in the market.

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Global Delivery Model

Infotree Global delivery model is designed based on highly efficient and secured cloud-based infrastructure that helps to deliver productive, reliable ...


Today's IT leaders across the globe are compelled to make their existing business operations perform smartly while reducing costs of all constituencies in ...